Becoming a Township

The year 2015 marked Little Italy's centennial 100th year anniversary as a community in Arkansas. We want to make the community official, preserve our heritage, and to improve services by becoming a town recognized by the state.  

This is a grassroots movement preceded by an over 15 year promotional and historical preservation effort.  

A signed petition by the qualified voters of the Little Italy proposed boundary was successfully presented to the Pulaski County Courthouse on May 13, 2015.  Unfortunately, the effort of the people of historic Little Italy to become their own voice, to be an official town, to preserve their heritage, and to improve services was denied by Judge Barry Hyde, Pulaski County Judge, on February 26, 2016.  After appealing the decision in courts of law, Little Italy met with more obstacles to overcome and decided their efforts were best spent going in a new direction to attain their dream of township.

The effort remains in process and the descendants and residents of Little Italy will never give up on their dream to become an official town recognized by the great state of Arkansas.